Our sweet story.

About 10 years ago we started becoming aware of all the additives and chemicals in our food.

We decided to start eating more wholesome food. Wholesome food is not always readily available and cost a lot more.

Honey become an important part of our diet. So much so we were spending a substantial amount of money on our honey needs. We decided to produce our own honey and the first hive was purchased.

Due to our location the honey was exceptionally good as confirmed by friends whom we shared our honey with.The demand for our raw honey became greater and we were sold out before winter even started.We realized that there were more people like us out there who wish to enjoy pure natural foods.

Whitecourt Mountain Honey was born.  

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I really suffer from bad allergies in summer and since I started to use Whitecourt Mountain Honey my allergies are much better.


With only 3 natural organic ingredients:

Infused honey:

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